Our activities

The research works of LAB/opegieka focus on development of the innovative technologies related to processing and remote sensing data analyses. We create our own solutions in line with the current artificial intelligence development trends.



The project objective is to devise and develop a ‘self-learning’ IT analytical platform supporting the process of forest management on the basis of imaging data captured by the photogrammetric cameras and point clouds captured by the multispectral laser scanner (LiDAR).


While building the platform, the following research works are carried out:

  • studies regarding the methodology of using multispectral scanners for determination of tree species
  • studies regarding the method of data processing from multispectral laser scanner for the purposes of providing the information supporting the management of economic process in forests
  • studies regarding the method of using data acquired by multispectral laser scanners for the purposes of identification and qualification of natural regeneration of forests
  • studies regarding the methodology of extracting information supporting the monitoring of tree stand and undergrowth.


Forest management authorities

InsSAT – Satellites in Insurance


The goal of the project is to provide insurance companies with a system based on satellite, aerial, meteorological and spatial data for comprehensive insurance sales support, claim settlement and information on the risk of insurance. The project is implemented jointly with the Remote Sensing Center of the Institute of Geodesy and Cartography as part of the continuation of the project financed by ESA - "ASAP - Advanced Sustainable Agricultural Production".


The system under construction provides solutions for selling insurance and handling damages in the scope of:

  • bad over-wintering of winter crops
  • drought
  • spring frosts
  • hurricanes
  • agricultural building insurance
  • automation of field measurements


Insurance companies, European Space Agency  

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