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We are a small flexible team whose members are passionate about new technologies and working with spatial data.


Our employees are an explosive mixture of long-standing experience in the GIS and remote sensing industry and young specialists in the machine learning technology. Studying scientific publications and browsing internet websites in search of best solutions for our customers is our daily routine. We approach each order with intense involvement and professionalism.


We love facing new challenges. Execution of difficult and demanding orders is the spur for extending our knowledge and  broadening our skills.

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Our goal is to solve our customers’ problems with the use of geospatial data.


While carrying out our works, we stick to the belief that data is ‘the oil of the 21st century’. Yet, similarly to oil, data must be first discovered, then extracted and refined, and finally properly distributed.


Remote sensing and other sensors serve as a source of new data, machine learning algorithms allow to extract the information hidden in the data, whereas integration with other data and advanced mathematical models provide us with new knowledge. The dedicated GIS map systems form the basis utilised for exploring the knowledge that we have gained, as well as making such knowledge available.


We come across satellite imagery and aerial imagery on a daily basis at our LAB with the intention of developing products for our customers. We make our best efforts in order to extract maximum amount of information from a single pixel or point.


Thanks to FME ETL software, processing of large data sets has turned into pleasure, and loading the bases with the data has become easier. The knowledge of Python and R languages provides us with access to the most efficient programming libraries along with ensuring the most reliable implementation of machine learning algorithms, particularly with respect to deep learning.


The use of an advanced computing cluster, based on GPU processing units, allows us to create our own solutions consistent with the up-to-date trends, which we subsequently transfer to the geospatial industry in a continuous manner.

We are one of the four brands operating within the structures of OPEGIEKA Sp. z o.o. Appropriate exploitation of the potential of LAB, SKY, IT and GEO brands, as well as effective internal cooperation result in the capability of executing complex interdisciplinary projects related to geospatial intelligence.
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Branch in Warsaw

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