Data is the oil of the 21st century and therefore we extract it from each available source. Raw data is not a valuable product yet. Only upon conducting the process of data integration and processing, the possibility of exploiting the full potential of such data opens up. The use of ETL tools allows us to design and automate the data transformation process aimed at converting the data into a component of subsequent analyses or the final product.

Tree Map


3The objective of the project was to create the database of the urban greenery within the administrative borders of the city of Elbląg (79.82 km2). The database contains tree crown contours presented as vectors along with the attributes describing a particular tree or a group to which this particular tree belongs.


The project execution involved applying a proprietary 3D segmentation method, which allowed for obtaining the detailed shape of an individual tree crown, by clustering of 3D points in a point cloud instead of clustering on a tree crown raster model. The data concerning the point cloud in two spectral channels, i.e. the green channel and infrared channel with density of 6p/m2, were adopted for the purposes of the segmentation. The final product consisted in generating the vector database with plant contours, including such attributes as assignment to deciduous trees, coniferous trees or shrubs, the type of location – e.g. a tree/shrub located in a cemetery, the item informing if a tree/shrub is free-standing or part of a cluster, as well as the information concerning the height of the tree.


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