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Using geospatial technologies, we solve our customers’ problems. The comprehensive solutions simplify the operations conducted and increase efficiency of the business processes.

InsLAB.pl - Remote sensing analysis concerning winter crops density

InsLAB.pl - Remote sensing analysis concerning winter crops density


Developing the method for assessment of winter crops density on the basis of aerial, satellite and meteorological data.


The use of the aerial and satellite data in the claim settlement process allowed for increasing the work efficiency of the insurance company, implementation of cost savings, as well as for increasing the efficiency of the loss assessment and increasing control of the compensation payment process.


The use of the developed technologies at the stage of signing insurance contracts allows for evaluating the condition of crops before the winter period and for reviewing the assumptions regarding risk and creation of provisions.


A comprehensive internet system ensuring circulation of information between the insurance company’s employees at branches, head office and our experts in respect of ordering and receiving reports and additional site visits was implemented within the framework of the project.


Leader in the Polish insurance market

Topographic data generalisation


Building of data generalisation process of BDOT10k database to BDOO database


The technology and module of automatic data generalisation of BDOT10k database to BDOO (General Geographic Database) were developed, which allowed for eliminating manual work of the operator. The tools developed allow for processing the territory of entire Poland, which results in the possibility of generating the updated General Geographic Database upon each update of BDOT10k database, and thereby the users may be provided with small-scale data which can be used for GIS analyses within the area of a voivodeship or entire country without the necessity of acquiring entire BDOT10k database.


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